Don't be like the rest of them, Darling.  -COCO CHANEL

Your portraits should be just as unique and GORGEOUS as you. Here at Studio Bevy, we specialize in providing a once in a lifetime experience you will remember forever. Women's portraiture with a fashion flare, custom tailored to your individual vision and style. With a collection for every budget, you can rest assured you get amazing portraits every time. 

the ultimate 
WOMEN'S portrait
e x p e r i e n c e


Boudoir Portfolio


why blend in
when you were
born to stand out?

We give you the option to go all out for your personal portrait experience as well as keep it simple. This flexibility allows you to decide what's important to you, ensuring you get exactly what you want out of your beauty or boudoir portrait collection.

All sessions inclue session prep support, your portrait session, and your private image reveal and design appointment.




SESSIONS start at $150 
COLLECTIONS start at $495

what our clients are saying

Awe crying happy tears right now thank you for making me feel so beautiful! I love what your doing and I love seeing everyone’s stories! Makes me feel like I’m not alone, can’t thank you enough, Jess!

 I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for Jess. I walked into her amazing studio had no idea what to expect. I was nervous and excited to be photographed, and didn't know how to show up in front of a camera.

She gracefully lead me through the motions of becoming comfortable and at ease in my body while she worked her magic behind the lense. The whole experience from start to finish was so very enjoyable and nourishing. She took such good care of me, helping me to feel comfortable and beautiful; to settle into my skin and feel proud of my body. I didn't think it was beautiful.

 Jess helped me see my beauty and appreciate all the battles that got me to where I am today. She is so much more than a photographer, she is a medicine woman, offering a salve of self-assurance to women at a time when we need it most. Thank you, Jess, your gift is remarkable. 

My experience with Jess was AMAZING! Being new to the idea of doing a boudoir photoshoot, I was initially very nervous and self-conscious. No way would I feel confident and sexy! Well, she put all of my nerves at ease; from the professional hair styling and makeup application to the laid back and relaxed shoot Everything was perfect. I couldn’t be more amazed with my photos. Jess made me feel so confident in my own skin, all while laughing the entire shoot! I have never felt more confident and beautiful as i did after my boudoir shoot. Thank you!

 I will forever be grateful for you ladies and this experience, thank you for loving on a perfect stranger. You have made such a difference in my life!


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